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Zoom is a tool for e-meetings and education.

The software manufacturer's website can be found at

More about Zoom at LU can be found at

At, you will find a lot of guides explaining how to get started with Zoom.

Zoom is primarily a tool for teaching and the service has a limited number of licenses. If you are an employee of the university and need to have an e-meeting with other employees, please use the Microsoft Teams tool instead, which does not have such restrictions, so that you do not use the Zoom licenses needed for student teaching.

Zoom has been criticized for lack of security. However, if you arrange a meeting or teaching in Zoom yourself, you can go a long way in improving security by giving the meeting itself an adequate level of security, and this requires that you activate some alternatives. Tips from (in Swedish, but translated below):

Zoom Bombing:
By Zoom bombing is meant when (uninvited) people connect to and disrupt a meeting, by writing things in the chat or displaying irrelevant pictures in the meeting. This can be avoided by ensuring that only invited participants at the meeting, for example, by activating a waiting room for the meeting, enabling wait for host or setting a password for the meeting. A search of "how to prevent zoombombing" provides many more tips.

Installing the program

If the computer is using the environment you should install the software via Software Center on the computer.


If you have questions about Zoom, please contact Servicedesk.

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