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Weblogon is a common system within the university for wireless online logins – to Weblogon everyone can login, both employees and students, and it works the same across the whole university.

Employees log in to Weblogon by using their LUCAT identity, and students should use their STiL identity instead.

Weblogon is only available as a wireless computer network. See the list of conference rooms for details of which conference rooms have Weblogon. To use Weblogon, you need a laptop with wireless connectivity. In this guide is described below how to connect using such a wireless network connection.

LDC has announced that Weblogon will be discountinued on May 30th, 2016. All employees and students should use Eduroam instead. If visitors need access to a wireless network during their stay, this should be accomplished by arranging temporary accounts in Lucat in advance.


Weblogon is a wireless network that is advertised by the name LU weblogon. Keep in mind that when you use weblogon communication takes place with a very simple form of encryption that does not offer any protection, and is open for anyone who is on the same network, i.e. students and visitors, to intercept.

Because of the low security of Weblogon, you should not use Weblogon for access to key systems where high security is required.

If higher security is desired, please instead use a network cable or use the wireless network eduroam, which provides better security. Separate instructions for how to connect to Eduroam can be found on the page Eduroam.


To use Weblogon, you need access to the following in advance:

  • A computer with a working wireless network.
  • Your LUCAT or STiL credentials.
  • A keyword which, however, is not a secret. The key, or encryption key as it is sometimes called, is alternated every six months according to the schedule below.
Time Period Keyword
First half of 2015 lu2015-1
Second half of 2015 lu2015-2
First half of 2016 lu2016-1
Second half of 2016 lu2016-2
First half of 2017 lu2017-1
Second half of 2017 lu2017-2
First half of 2018 lu2018-1
Second half of 2018 lu2018-2

How to Connect

LDC provides manuals for Weblogon and Eduroam at the following address:


Instructions are also available at the following address:


Temporary Access for External Guests

Sometimes it is desirable to provide temporary network access to external entities, such as representatives from other colleges, universities or companies, who do not have a LUCAT or STiL identity.

This can often be arranged by requesting that the required number of temporary guest identities are arranged in advance in LUCAT. Please contact the LUCAT catalogue manager at your department for assistance with this.

Once you have arranged temporary guest identities for your guests this way, they can then use this data to connect to and log on to the wireless network Weblogon.

Additional Information

LDC has more information about the wireless networks at the page


Error Reporting

Operating status and any general problems with Weblogon are usually reported at LDC's operations page at the address

LDC has full responsibility for Weblogon. Therefore, please only turn to LDC's ServiceDesk on the telephone 29000 (telephone number +46462229000 outside of Lund University) if you have problems with Weblogon.

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