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Security updates

Today it is absolutely crucial to keep your computer updated to be protected from hackers and viruses etc. This brings the unpleasant side effect of forced reboots of the computer. Windows has traditionally been updated in the middle of the month, but lately so called “out of band updates” have become more and more common. This means that updates can occur randomly and without much warning.

The present practice here at DDG is to let through these updates without any delay. This leads to some inconvenience but avoids major catastrophes.

If you want to run some critical work on your computer, you can avoid these forced reboots. Follow this routine:

  1. Click the Start menu and then type “Windows update”
  2. Among the alternatives that should turn up, choose “Settings for Windows update”.
  3. In the window that starts up: click “Search for updates”.
  4. If it finds updates, or if there already were updates waiting; install them.
  5. When the updates are installed, reboot the computer if necessary.
  6. Now you should disconnect your computer from the network. Pull out the network cable, if any. Then disable your WiFi-connection. In Windows 10 you can click the WiFi symbol in the toolbar and choose “Flight mode”. Some portable computers have a physical button or a function key that can turn of the WiFi-component, look for the symbol.
  7. When your computer is off grid: Run your critical work (e.g. rendering , simulation, etc.)
  8. When the work is done: reconnect your computer.

Below some WiFi symbols you can look for.

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