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TorTalk is a speech synthesizer that can read digital text, making such texts quickly accessible to people with reading difficulties. The program can read texts in different file formats, such as HTML, Word and PDF. It is also capable of reading e-books, and includes an OCR function that enables it to read such books, including those that for copyright reasons are covered with print and copy protection.

TorTalk works on Mac and Windows. Included in the default installation is two voices, one Swedish and one English. In total there are about sixty voices in different languages, which can be freely downloaded and installed.

The software requires that your computer is equipped with speakers or headphones.

More information about the program is available on the manufacturer's website


Lund University has since 2017 a campus license for TorTalk that covers all students and employees.

The Lund University campus license allows for TorTalk to be freely installed on university computers, and also allows for students and employees to install the software on their personal computers.

Students and employees can also keep the software after graduation or termination of employment.

Installing the program

If the computer is managed by DDG you should install the software via Software Center on the computer. The software is preinstalled in all student computer labs at LTH.

If you are using another computer, you can download the installation files at the manufacturer's website The Installation Key for the software can be downloaded from Lund University Library's proxy server,


For questions about the program, please contact the software manufacturer at

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