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   * https://​​downloads   * https://​​downloads
-You can also try [[Yammer]] for networking with other colleagues at Lund University and [[Skype for Business]] to chat with colleagues. 
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 ==== When should I use Skype for Business, Teams or Yammer? ==== ==== When should I use Skype for Business, Teams or Yammer? ====
-The tools overlap somewhat, but the target audience and purpose are also different. Roughly: +The tools currently ​overlap somewhat, but Microsoft ​is moving all new functionality into Teams which will be the one tool for the future.
- +
-  * [[Skype for Business]] ​is suitable for live chat and collaboration with a colleague or a few colleagues. +
-  * [[Teams]] is suitable for group conversation and communication with working groups (projects, subdivisions,​ divisions or units). +
-  * [[Yammer]] is suitable if the target audience can be found on the organization level (LU) and for networking with other colleagues throughout LU.+
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