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Microsoft Teams is a group collaboration tool, with chat-based workspaces, and access to functions such as bulletins, live chat1), calendar2), together with editing of documents, planning, and more.

Teams has been made to facilitate communication and work and the division of work in working groups, such as a department, division, subdivision, or project group. The program can be described as Microsoft's counterpart to the competing software Slack.

Teams is made by Microsoft and is now available via Office 365 in the Lund University Microsoft agreement.

For more information on Teams, please see

Logging in

Log in to Teams by going to the following link and follow the instructions:

Managing Meetings

The easiest way to meet in Teams is to use the chat feature. In the chat you can add more people as needed.

If you need to invite to a more formal meeting or video meeting, you can do so from your calendar in Outlook. You can also quickly create such meetings directly from Teams. You can learn more about all the meeting functions in Teams at the link below:


Do you want to get regular notifications from Teams when something new happens or someone tries to contact you? Then you may install both the desktop client and the mobile phone app:


When should I use Skype for Business, Teams or Yammer?

The tools currently overlap somewhat, but Microsoft is moving all new functionality into Teams which will be the one tool for the future.


Do you have problems with Teams? Please use the builtin help if possible. You may also try LU Support for help. If you need further assistance, please contact Servicedesk.

The instant chat is using Skype for Business if it is installed on your computer.
The calendar integrates with Outlook.
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