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Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes are digital “PostIt” notes on your computer. The application is preinstalled in all newer versions of Windows.

For more information about Sticky Notes, please see

Starting Sticky Notes

The easiest way to start Sticky Notes is by using the Windows key in order to open the Start menu, and then starting to type:

Sticky Notes

and then click on the corresponding application icon.

Looking for an easier way to start the application from now on? Please see How do I attach an application on the Start menu or How do I attach an application to the task bar.


Sticky notes have a lot of advantages compared to the traditional paper variant:

  • Their size can be adjusted
  • You can always get them in the “right” colour
  • They do not dry, roll together and fall down on the floor after a while
  • They do not blow away when opening windows in the room
  • They do not get difficult to read after a while
  • They are not difficult to read from start because of handwriting
  • They can contain clickable links
  • They can all quickly be hidden with a simple mouse click and all quickly brought back by another simple mouse click1)
  • They are more friendly to the environment

If you save your sticky notes on a laptop, you also have access to all of them when you bring your laptop.


More questions about Sticky Notes? Please contact LTH Support.

On the application Icon.
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