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Skype for Business

Skype for Business is the Microsoft software for instant messaging, video chat or e-meetings. The software Skype for Business, formerly called Lync, is intended for use at work, and must therefore not be confused with Skype which is intended for home use.

For more information about Skype for Business, please see the manufacturer's website:

Microsoft is completely phasing out Skype for Business for the benefit of the more modern software Teams which, in addition to serving as a collaborative tool for groups, also includes chat and video features.

See, for example, (in Swedish),, or

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Skype for Business the same as Skype?

No, this is different software. Skype is mainly adapted for home use. Skype for Business includes more features that are specifically tailored for use at work.

Is Skype for Business the same as Lync?

No. The software Skype for Business replaces the previous software Lync, which is no longer developed. Skype for Business is however more similar in appearance to Skype than Lync.

When will Skype for Business be installed?

Skype for Business will be installed on all computers together with the installation of Office 2016.

How do I create a group call/video conference?

  1. First, create a Skype meeting in Outlook.
  2. Then click on the link in the booking.



You may also try Teams for group collaboration.

More Information


Please contact LTH Support.

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