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Personal Data

All the information that can be linked to a natural person is considered personal data. See Data Inspectorate's definition:

Concretely, for example, data

  * Name   * E-mail address   * Computer Identity   * Civic   * Shoe Size

be personal data if they either separately or together, in combination so that the information can be linked to a natural person.

In Sweden, the handling of personal information in the Personal Data Act (PUL). This is based on EU directives for the handling of personal data.

All processing of personal data covered by the rules of the PUL, so even electronic hantering1). An important basic rule in the PUL is that personal data must not be applied without further ado and to the handling of personal data shall take the necessary measures to ensure that this does not happen.

One example where it is important to keep track of the spread of personal data in electronic handling and saving and storing documents. Working document containing personal data may for example only be stored on the cloud services Online meeting the requirements of the PUL by agreement. LU Box and Office 365 / OneDrive meets the requirements, but not Dropbox, iCloud, and many other popular cloud services. See cloud services for a comparison.

It is also okay to store personal data on servers owned by the university, such as the university SharePoint or file servers in your office or your department, provided that management otherwise meet the requirements of the PUL.

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