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PDF-XChange PRO is a collection of applications to display, create and manage PDF documents.

The suite is an alternative to both Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat.

More information is available at:

Installing the Software

If the computer is using the environment you should install the software via Software Center on the computer.

The software is preinstalled in all student computer labs at LTH.

If you are using another computer, you can download the installation files for PDF-XChange PRO at (at the bottom of the page). If the computer is owned by Lund University, you may use the university license. You can get the license key through the LDC software distribution unit (Programförmedlingen) at If you do not have access to Programförmedlingen, please contact the software responsible at your department (for employees), or Servicedesk.


Which version of PDF-XChange is available?

PDF-XChange PRO.

Can everyone use this program?

Yes, there is a so-called campus license for this program, which means that both employees and students at Lund University can use it. The program is allowed to be used on all computers owned by Lund University.


If you have any questions regarding PDF-XChange, please do not hesitate to contact or Servicedesk.

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