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Logging in to the computers is done by using your Lucat account, which is the same account you use for many other university services such as Eduroam, webmail, EGS and EGA etc.

How to Change Passwords

In order to change your Lucat password, please visit the following website:

The following requirements apply to the complexity of the password:

The password must contain at least eight characters (preferably ten or more characters) of three of the following character groups:

  • Lowercase a-z
  • Uppercase A-Z
  • Numbers
  • These special characters: ! @ # $% / () {} [] =? + \ *,;.: -_ |

In addition:

  • Do not use other parts of the password that can be easy to find out, such as birthdays or names of spouse, partner, child, pet, address, car, boat, or similar.
  • Do not use simple sequences out of key presses on the keyboard as passwords.
  • Do not use words that can be found in a dictionary unchanged in your password – if you use such a word, make sure to modify it by for example spelling it wrong intentionally, or by inserting one or more other characters inside it.
  • Avoid typing your password when someone else can watch – in that case, please ask the person to look away for a moment.
  • Do not let anyone else know your password.
  • Do not write down your password, but instead memorize it by heart.

See also “Tips” below for tips on creating a secure password which can still be relatively easy to remember.

If you read your work e-mail in your cell phone, you must also update the password stored there after you have changed the computer password, so that the e-mail account password on the cell phone matches the new password.


Choosing a Password

It does not have to be very difficult to find a password that with some work is going to memorizable, but which is still relatively safe. Some hints:

  1. Start from a fictional nonsense sentence that you can remember but that others may find difficult to guess. Example:
    Mushrooms in the forest I like to pick
  2. Take the first letters of the sentence. Example:
  3. Vary uppercase and lowercase letters. Example:
  4. Replace any of the letters to numbers that you can remember. For security, do not place them only at the beginning or at the end, but interspersed with letters. Example:
  5. Add some non-alphabetic characters, such as commas, periods, hyphens, question marks, exclamation marks, parentheses or other characters on your keyboard. Example:
  6. If you followed the instructions above you now have a relatively secure password, but which is memorizable by repeating the steps above. Change to the new password, and remember to try logging out and in a couple of times to repeat.

Another alternative way is to use passwords that consist of full, long sentences, which are often easy to remember but still difficult guessed by a computer. Please see this comic:

Note! Do not use the passwords in these examples!

Change Your Password Regularly

Please remember to change your password periodically. A useful rule of thumb is that one should change the password at least once every six months, preferably more often.

Make it a habit to change your password at certain fixed times, eg, when you come back from vacation. Do not change the password just before the holidays, but replace it afterwards. It obviously increases the chances of remembering the password.

When you change your password, do not write it down. Instead, try to practice logging in and out several times with the new password. Often, repetition is the best way to remember.


Should you have trouble changing your password or remember your password, please contact the Lucat coordinator at your department for help.

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