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PaperCut is the common printing system for printing on copiers and printers at Lund University. The system started being used in late 2017 and builds on the popular PaperCut printing software, used by thousands of organisations and hundreds of universities world-wide. For more information about the software, please see For more information about the Lund University PaperCut system, please see

Although the system is common for all of the university, with central functions such as administration, counting and charging, most bigger faculties have their own “site servers” which are in turn connected to the central system. The site servers take care of the heavy work of managing the actual print jobs and sending them to the right printer. Since the site servers may differ between each faculty, the instructions may also differ slightly, and in particular names of servers, queues and printers. These instructions are mainly targeted at LTH and describe the LTH instance of the system.

Logging in into PaperCut

The PaperCut login portal is common for all of the university and is located at the following address (please login using your STiL or LUCAT credentials):

Here you will find a list of your print jobs, both current and historical, and their status, and how they were charged. You can also see what print queues are available, etc.


All printing in PaperCut is based on so called pull-print, i.e. you print from your computer as usual, but can then pick up your printout at any printer or copier at the faculty1), given that you login into the printer by presenting your LU Card. Only then your print job will be printed. Below we call this “picking up” your printout at the printer.

Pull-print both saves the environment, since printouts that were undone or never picked up will never be printed, and at the same time increases security since printouts cannot be collected by unauthorized persons.

If the printer or copier does not have a card reader, you should instead use the mobile release feature in order to release your print job on the desired printer or copier. You can find this feature at

Printing to Canon printers

Printing from your computer

In order to print, you should select the printer “canon at lthprint”2).

The printer “canon at lthprint” will be added automatically when you login into one of the LTH computers, but should it not be there for any reason, you can add it manually by chosing to add the following printer on your computer:

Colour Printing

The printers are configured to print in black and white by default, since black and white printouts are significantly less expensive than colour printouts.

In order to manually select to print out in colour, please open “Preferences” in the print window and then select the option “Auto” under “Colour Mode”. This, and what option should be changed, is shown in the pictures below.

Single-Sided Printing

The printers are configured to print on both paper sides by default. In order to select single-sided printing, please untick the checkbox “Print on both sides of paper”.

Printing on both sides of the paper decreases the paper consumption and helps our environment.

Picking up printouts at the printer

Please login into the printer or copier by simply presenting your LU Card at the card reader. The card reader itself can be located at different places depending on the machine model, but these instructions will cover all models.

After logging in into the printer, you will see all your pending print jobs directly3) at the printer display. You can chose to print individual print jobs, or to print all print jobs at once. You can also, before printing, chose to select other print options than those you selected when printing from the computer, if you wish.

As soon as you have selected what you want to print, you can log out from the printer by selecting the option for logging out. In other words, you do not have to wait for the printing to finish in order to log out.

Do not forget to log out when leaving the machine. You will be logged out automatically after a while, but the best option is to actually log out when you leave. There are several options for this; there is both a touch screen button at the bottom right of the display, but you can also log out using the physical button “ID”.

Copying at a Canon copier

In order to copy at a copier, please log in as usual by presenting your LU Card. Then select “Use Copier” in order to get to the normal menu for copying.

Scanning at a Canon copier

In order to scan at a copier, please log in as usual by presenting your LU Card. Then select “Use Copier” in order to get to the normal menu for scanning, where you will be able to make choices for your scan.

For security reasons, it is only possible to scan to yourself, i.e. your own personal e-mail address, and the sender of all e-mail from the copier will be

More information

Please see


Please contact LTH Support.

Given that the printer or copier is connected to PaperCut and is of the same brand/manufacturer that you chose when printing, since the printing queues in general are by brand.
“Canon at lthprint” should be used instead of the previous “canon at uniflow”.
In earlier systems, you needed to press “Secure Print” first; this is no longer needed. With this system, your print jobs are shown directly on the display after logging in.
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