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Matlab is software for matrices, formulas and mathematics. The software is large and sophisticated and requires some prior knowledge.

More information about the software is available on the manufacturer's website:

Please also see Matlab.


Lund University (LU) is paying through some of its faculties for site licenses that cover all employees and students at Lund University1). This means that all employees and students at LU can use Matlab.

The licenses for employees and students differ, however, as shown below.

License for Employees

The license for university employees allows for the software to be used on university computers, i.e. computers which are formally owned by the university. The license also allows the use of the software on private computers of university employees. The software must be uninstalled from a private computer should the employment be terminated.

Graduate students are in this case counted as employees. This means that graduate students should use the license for employees.

License for Students

The license for students allows the software to be installed on the student's personal computer. Please note that graduate students should instead use the license for employees above.

Installing the Software

If the computer is using the environment you should install Matlab via Software Center on the computer.

The software is preinstalled in all student computer labs at LTH.

If you are using another computer, you can download the installation files for Matlab at this site:

License Activation

If you install the program via Software Center, you get a license that requires contact with the license server at Lund University.

If you have a laptop and want to work offline, you should go to the login menu inside the Matlab application and sign in with your MathWorks account and activate the license that way. You can then work offline. See also the section How do I activate the license? below.

Getting Started

Try the following examples:

a = 1
b = 3
c = a + b
d = sin(b)
x = 0:0.01:4*pi
y = sin(x)
% You may also use the builtin help:

Please also see and


How can I get the software?

Installation via Software Center (automated installation)

For all employees, Matlab is selectable in Software Center on the computers that use the platform.

Matlab is preinstalled on all student computers in the computer labs at LTH. The program can also in these cases be seen in Software Center but then has the status installed without the option to uninstall.

Manual installation via installation media

Please login at There you will find license information and installation media. Please also see the section below under How do I activate the license?.

How do I activate the license?

If you have Matlab installed via Software Center on a stationary desktop computer at the university, you need not worry about the license – in this case the management of licenses is handled automatically through contact with a license server at LU.

If you however install Matlab manually from, or you need to use Matlab on a laptop that may not always have contact with the license server at LU (“offline” use), you need to activate the license as described below.

The easiest and recommended method for activating the Matlab license is by first registering a personal account with Mathworks at where you enter the e-mail address you have as an employee or student at LU (the e-mail address registered must contain @* or @*

After registration, you can then login in the Matlab software with this personal Mathworks account, and then enter the “Activation Key” that can be downloaded at This will activate the LU license. When the license has been activated this way, the software can be used when travelling or at home without any other special operation.

Activating a network-based license

Alternatively, the network-based license can be activated at installation by pointing out a FIK (File Installation Key) together with a license. This license can then only be used when you have contact with the license server at LU. If you are using the license at home or when travelling, you have to use VPN to be able to start Matlab.

I get an error message about incorrect key when I try to activate the license. How do I solve this?

Please double check that you are using the correct key. At, there are at least two different keys:

  • Activation Key
  • File Installation Key (FIK)

Depending on the method you are using for activating the license, you will have to enter the correct key. Which one of these keys you should use should be described in the instructions.

I get another error message when I try to activate the license. How do I solve this?

If the activation is unsuccessful, the reason for this may be that Matlab was not allowed to write the generated license file to the directory where Matlab is installed. The cause for this might in turn be that you are trying to activate the license using a normal user account, whereas Matlab was installed using an administrator account. The solution for this problem is to activate Matlab using the same account that was used when installing Matlab.

Which toolboxes are included in the license?

As of 2017, all Matlab toolboxes are included in the Lund University license.

I will use Matlab in my master thesis at a company. Can I use the university license?

No, the university's academic Matlab license does generally not allow for use at a company. If you are an externally employed doctoral student (industridoktorand) or a student doing the master thesis at a company, and need to use Matlab, the company will have to provide for the commercial Matlab license required. Please always contact Mathworks at in advance if you are not sure if the university license can be used for what you are about to do.

The version of Matlab that I found is not the latest. How can I get the latest version?

New versions of Matlab are frequently released by Mathworks, generally once every six months. We have access to the new versions as soon as they are released, but it is not always that the contents of Software Center or can be updated with the latest version immediately.

Should you need the latest version and discover that it is not available through us yet, please contact LTH Support and we will do what we can to speed up the process.


When Matlab starts it is asking me about admin rights. How do I resolve it?

If you get a box saying that Matlab needs to be run as an administrator when you try to start it, you need to install a small fix. This fix resolves a problem in Matlab when running “clustered” servers for the license. Please contact LTH Support to get the fix, should this happen to you.

This issue is resolved in the automated installation, so you only need the fix if you choose to activate over the network.


For questions about the software itself, please contact your teacher or Mathworks support at

The faculties at Lund University paying for Matlab are currently LTH, N, M, EHL, and MaxIV.
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