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maple_2015_logo.jpg Maple is software for mathematics. The software is large and sophisticated and requires some prior knowledge.

More information about the software is available on the manufacturer's website:

Please also see Maple (software).


Lund University has licenses for the software that can be used by both students and employees.

Installing the Software

If the computer is managed by DDG you should install Maple via Software Center on the computer. The software is preinstalled in all student computer labs at LTH.

If you are using another computer, you can download the installation files for Maple at this site:

License Activation

When activating the license for the software, if you get a question about a “purchase code” you should enter the installation code that you can find at

Please also see

Please note that administrator privileges may be required in order to activate the software. If you are using a work computer and experience problems with this, please contact LTH Support.

Getting started

Please see the software manufacturer's own support pages at A guide for getting started is available at


How can I get the software?

Installation via Software Center (automated installation)

For all employees, Maple is selectable in Software Center on the computers that DDG manage.

Maple is preinstalled on all student computers in the computer labs at LTH. The program can also in these cases be seen in Software Center but then has the status installed without the option to uninstall.

Manual installation via installation media

Please login at There you will find license information and installation media. Please also see the section below under How do I activate the license?.

How do I activate the license?

Please see the instructions under License Activation above.

If you are experiencing further problems with this, please contact LTH Support.

I will use Maple in my master thesis at a company. Can I use the university license?

No, the university's academic Maple license does generally not allow for use at a company. If you are an externally employed doctoral student (industridoktorand) or a student doing the master thesis at a company, and need to use Maple, the company will have to provide for the commercial Maple license required. Please always contact Maplesoft at in advance if you are not sure if the university license can be used for what you are about to do.

The version of Maple that I found is not the latest. How can I get the latest version?

New versions of Maple are frequently released by Maplesoft. We have access to the new versions as soon as they are released, but it is not always that the contents of Software Center or can be updated with the latest version immediately.

Should you need the latest version and discover that it is not available through us yet, please contact LTH Support and we will do what we can to speed up the process.



For questions about the software itself, please contact your teacher or Maplesoft support at

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