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LUCAT is the university common directory service. In LUCAT, information about all employees and students is stored. LUCAT is a so-called LDAP directory service, where the information is grouped in a tree structure.

The responsibility for updating the information in LUCAT is distributed. This means that in every organization or department within the university, it is decided that there should be a LUCAT Manager (directory administrator), which is responsible for ensuring that the information about the employees is current.


In connection with LUCAT, there is also linked a special login with a username and password for each employee and student. You should have received your LUCAT login information when you joined the university for the first time as an employee. These credentials are used extensively for logging into many administrative systems, so take good care of the details and keep them secret.

For the employees of the LTH Faculty Office, the LUCAT username in most cases begins with the prefix kans- and for the employees of EIT the usernames often begin with the prefix eit-. Other units have other prefixes.

If you have previously worked elsewhere at the university, however, you keep your previous username and your previous login credentials. Usernames in LUCAT never change. However, information about where you are employed is updated.

You can change the LUCAT password and some other information in LUCAT yourself, whenever you want. See below under “More Information”.

Searching for Information

LUCAT is searchable for all. The easiest way to search in LUCAT is by going to Fill in a name in the search box and click “Search”.

More Information

On the following page, you will find more information about LUCAT:

Here you can log in (with your LUCAT login) and see for yourself the data about yourself and change certain data.

Keep in mind that if you change your home address, is not sufficient to update the information in LUCAT. You must also remember to update the information in Primula web.

All data in LUCAT cannot be changed by yourself. If you need some data updated that you cannot update yourself, please contact the LUCAT Manager (directory administrator) at your department. See below.

Change Password

If you want to change your LUCAT password, use the following web page for this purpose:

Your password is a valuable credential, and you should protect it carefully. You should never enter your password on a web page that you do not trust! When you visit the above web page, please therefore check two things:

  1. The domain of the URL should end in “”.
  2. The page should be protected by a padlock, and when you click on the padlock, information about that page should be identified with the same domain as the URL, with “” at the end.

If these two things are met, there is good reason to believe that the page belongs to the university, and that it can be trusted and is safe enough for you to enter your password on it.

If you change to a new password in Lucat, you should also be sure to update:

Updating Information

Certain information, including matters pertaining to your employment, you cannot update yourself in LUCAT. In cases like this, please contact the LUCAT Manager (directory administrator) at your department for assistance.

If you do not know who the directory administrator at your department is, you can find this information by looking up your organization in Lucat. There, you will find information about who the directory administrator is within the organization. To look up your organization in Lucat, do the same way as when you seek out an employee in the search form above.

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