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LADOK reads: Local ADB-based Documentation system. It is a study administrative system used by most universities and colleges in Sweden. LDC is responsible for the local installation of Ladok here at Lund University.

Logging in on a PC

Connect to LADOK via the software “Citrix Receiver” that you can install via the Software Center. When you start the program, you will need to specify a path. The address is: 

Log in with yourLucat-ID.

At first login you will be asked for permission to “Add Account”. Allow it! This will result in a better functionality.

Logging in from iPad or iPhone

Find “Citrix reciever” in App Store, install it and start it. Enter:

Log in with your Lucat-id with the domain uw.


More info

If there are general problems with Ladok you might find it reported here:

If you have problems with LADOK you should always contact LDC through their ServiceDesk for support.

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