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Java is software on your computer, which in turn can allow use of some other software. Java enables execution of software which in some cases can be used directly in a browser, for example, in Internet Explorer. Among other things, many administrative systems require Java.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which release of Java is installed?

The release of Java that is installed by default on our computers for administrative staff is Java Runtime Environment (JRE). This is a minimal release that contains just as much as needed for administrative systems.

On the computers in the student computer rooms and in the lab environment, it is instead Java Development Kit (JDK) which installed. This is a much larger release that also contains what is needed for development and debugging of Java software.

Do I have Java on my computer?

If you want to test your Java installation, or see exactly which version you have, you can visit the following web site by the software vendor Oracle:

Please click on the link “Do I have Java?” and follow the instructions in order to test your version of Java.

I get a message that my browser does not support Java. What should I do?

Many modern browsers including Chrome, Edge etc. do no longer support Java1).

The solution is to instead use Internet Explorer if you need access to an administrative system that requires Java. Internet Explorer still supports Java.

I get a message on a web page that I have to install an older version of Java, or conversely the latest version. What should I do?

Contact LTH Support and describe the error and the software or web site you want to use. Some software applications sometimes require older versions of Java, while others require the latest. It is therefore not an easy task to determine which version of Java should be installed, and often this becomes a compromise between the different requirements for Java versions from different administrative systems.

The latest versions of Java often contain fixes for serious security issues and other bug fixes, which means that in general we want the latest version installed, if possible.


Please contact LTH Support.

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