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Exam Computers


We have a limited amount of laptops at LTH that can be used as resource computers at exams, for students in need of computer based assistance at exams1). These “exam computers” are primarily aimed for, and can be booked by, departments that do not themselves have this type of computer resources.

These computers should not be confused with digital examination, which is a completely different and much broader topic2). These computers are only to be used as a resource for students in need of computer based assistance at regular exams, where the student has a formal decision on such assistance. As usual, the department and the examinator has all all responsibility for the examination and the design thereof.


All the exam computers are PC laptops with Windows 10 and with the following software installed:

The exam computers are configured to lack access to computer networks and Bluetooth, and are reinstalled before every booking.


The number of exam computers is very limited, and all demand is of course concentrated to certain time periods (the exam periods).

In addition, all lending of exam computers require the computers to be reinstalled in advance, in order to prevent cheating. Because of this we also need installation time in between bookings.

Because of this, we suggest that requests for booking of exam computers are sent a couple of weeks in advance to LTH Support, so that we can make sure that there will be a computer available for the requested exam occasion. In the booking request, please provide the following information:

  • Date and time for the exam
  • The number of computers needed
  • Who will pick up and return the computers (if not yourself), and when you can pick up and return the computers
  • Any other wishes (please note that we have limited resources to fulfill such)


The person taking the exam should log in with the following computer account:


There is no password, but please note the spelling of the user name, and the dot and backslash in front of it.

Pick up and return

In case the booking request is confirmed, the department gets the responsibility to pick up and return the computer in time at our location.

Please respect the confirmed times, since there may be another booking from another department after your booking, and we need time for reinstallation of the computer.

Before returning the computer, please remember that you have the responsibility to collect any material that is saved on the computer and which should be preserved. As soon as we get the computer back, it will be reinstalled, resulting in the loss of all data saved on the computer.

The computers should be returned in the same state as they were when they were picked up.


I'm a student and I need a computer at the exam. Can I contact you?

Unfortunately, no. It is the examinator of the course that decides on the examination and the procedure thereof. You will find information about the examinator in the course syllabus. Because of this, you should contact the teacher, course coordinator or examinator for the course well in advance in case you need assistance at the exam for the course. You will need to contact them well in advance as there will usually be a need for an individual, formal decision in each case.

The employees at the department will then, if needed, contact us.

I have booked a computer. Do I need to pick up and return the computer myself?

Yes, you or someone else at the department will need to pick up and return the computer in person. Please provide information about who will pick up and return when you send the booking request. The computer should of course be returned in the same state as it were when it was picked up. Before returning the computer, you should also have emptied it on any data that you would like to save.

Can you please make sure Excel is not installed, even though the rest of the Office applications are installed?

Unfortunately no. In our installation of Office, it is unfortunately not possible to exclude any of the individual applications that are normally included in the application suite, for technical reasons.

What happens and whose responsibility is it if the computer breaks or there is some other sort of complication during the exam?

The computers are provided as is, as a resource for the departments that lack possibility to provide this type of computers themselves.

All responsibility for the examination, and the correct procedure for it, is the responsibility of the department and the examinator, as always.

Of course, you may book a computer for test in advance of the exam periods, if you want to learn how it works well in advance.

If you are concerned that the equipment may not work in a sharp position, please work out a backup plan.


Please contact LTH Support.

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