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Eduroam is a common system for connecting to wireless networks among universities and higher education all over the world. All university and college employees can connect to Eduroam, if the origanization they belong to is a member of the Eduroam cooperation.

Lund University is, since the second half of 2009, a member of the Eduroam cooperation. This does not only mean that you as an employee at Lund University can connect to the wireless Eduroam network at Lund University, but it also means that you can do it even when visiting other universities around the world that are also Eduroam members.

Conversely, of course, visitors from other colleges and universities around the world that are members of Eduroam, can also connect to Eduroam when visiting Lund University. See the websites and if you want to know more about the Eduroam cooperation and the organizations that are connected.

In order to connect to Eduroam, logging is required. Employees at Lund University should log on to Eduroam using their LUCAT identity.

Eduroam is only available as a wireless computer network. See the list of conference rooms for conference rooms that have Eduroam.

In order to use Eduroam you need a laptop, mobile phone or other mobile device with wireless networking. In this guide, you will find instructions for how to connect a wireless network connection to Eduroam.

Eduroam in Public Areas

Eduroam is not only available at the university, but also some public areas in Sweden.

The Cloud

The Swedish university network SUNET in 2012 signed an agreement with The Cloud in order to make Eduroam access possible even in airports, train stations and some other public areas in Sweden.

See further information from SUNET (in Swedish):

The location of wireless hotspots and access points can be seen here:

Eduroam in Region Skåne's Premises

Lund University has, via LDC, joined a cooperation on wireless networking with Region Skåne. This effectively means that Eduroam is available at hospitals, health centers and other premises belonging to Region Skåne.

Eduroam in Lund municipality premises

Lund University also has a cooperation on wireless networking with the municipality of Lund; Lunds kommun. This effectively means that Eduroam is also available in town halls, libraries, schools and other premises belonging to the municipality of Lund.

Eduroam Companion

There is also a special app “Eduroam Companion”, available for Apple iPhone and Android, showing nearby hotspots and access points in Eduroam.


Eduroam is a wireless network that is advertised by the name eduroam. Eduroam is available in all buildings at Lund University where wireless networks exists.

How To Use


In order to use Eduroam you need access to the following in advance:

  • A laptop, mobile phone or other mobile device with working wireless network connectivity.
  • Instructions for how to connect. In the case of our laptops with Windows, you can use this document. If you have another computer with another operating system, you may in some cases need other instructions. There are instructions for more operating systems at or LU Support.
  • Your LUCAT or STiL credentials.
  • Your username for Eduroam. This formed easily from your LUCAT or STiL identity by adding the suffix to the end. If you have a username in LUCAT, your username for Eduroam would thus be If your Lucat username would be kans-sge you should then fill in the following username when you connect to Eduroam:

    Please note that this is not an e-mail address, even though it looks like one, but it just happens to be how user identities look like in the Eduroam system. These Eduroam user identities should always end with for all employees and students at Lund University.


The following settings you will only need to do the first time you connect to Eduroam with a laptop.

  1. ASCII ASCII lanedatorer-wireless-knapp.jpg Please make sure that the wireless devices on your computer are enabled. This is achieved with the antenna button, which can be slightly different depending on the computer model. Here, you will find several pictures with examples of how the button could look like. If there a light on this button, this light will be lit when the wireless devices are enabled.
  2. click the Network icon at the bottom right of the screen in Windows, next to the clock. Please see the picture.
  3. If you are in a place where Eduroam is available, the alternative “eduroam” will appear in the list of wireless networks that can be selected. Please click on “eduroam”.
  4. Follow the instructions. Enter your Eduroam username in the format and your LUCATpassword if you are an employee. If you are a student, please instead enter and your STiL password.

Now you have prepared your computer for connecting to Eduroam. Subsequent times you will only need to ensure that the wireless devices on your computer are enabled in order to connect to Eduroam.

Accessing Folders and Administrative Systems

If you also want to access file folders on file servers and various administrative systems, please follow the separate instructions given at the page VPN to establish a VPN tunnel, after you have connected to Eduroam.

After you establish a VPN connection in tunnel mode, you can access most file folders and administrative systems.

Disconnecting from Eduroam

When you are finished, please do the following in order:

  1. If you used VPN:
    1. Close and save all open documents and programs you use and that worked against the file folders on file servers or to other systems within the University.
    2. Then disconnect the VPN application, and then close it.
  2. Turn off the computer.

It is important that you do the above in the right order!

Mobile Phone

Instructions for connecting with a mobile phone vary depending on the phone's operating system and model.


If you have a mobile phone with the operating system Android 2.1 or later, you can also connect to Eduroam. Using Eduroam, when it is available, is both safer and more reliable than using a 3G connection, and therefore strongly recommended.

Below are instructions for how to prepare your phone for Eduroam, divided into different mobile phone models.


To check which version of Android you have in your mobile phone, select “Menu” → “Settings” → “About Phone” → “Software Information” and check the information for “Android version”. If your cell phone has a version of Android older than 2.1, your phone must first be updated before you can use Eduroam. Contact LTH Support for help with this.

If you have Android version 2.1 or later in the mobile phone, please do the following to prepare your phone for Eduroam:

  1. Turn on the wireless network in the mobile phone, select “Menu” → “Settings” → “Wireless & networks” → “Wi-Fi”.
  2. In the same menu, select “Wi-Fi settings”.
  3. If Eduroam is available, it will be appearing in the list of available networks after a short while. Select “eduroam”.
  4. “Connect to eduroam” appears.
    1. Under “EAP method”, make sure the option “PEAP” is selected.
    2. Under “Phase 2 authentication”, ensure that the option “MSCHAPv2” is selected.
    3. In the “Identity” field, please fill in your Eduroam user name, ie or
    4. In the “Anonymous identity” field, please repeat your Eduroam username.
    5. In the “Wireless password” field, enter your Lucat or STiL password.
    6. Then press the “Connect” button to connect.
  5. If the authentication was successful, a notice will appear in the window stating that the connection was successful and that you are now connected to Eduroam. You should now be able to start a web browser and access the Internet. The connection to the Internet should also be perceived as quicker than a connection via 3G.

You have now configured your Android phone for use with Eduroam. Subsequent times you should be able to automatically connect to Eduroam when it is available.

Other Mobile Phones

You can also connect to Eduroam with other mobile phones such as iPhone and mobile phones with Windows Phone. Technical instructions are available here:

Temporary Access for External Guests

Temporary access to Eduroam for visitors can be accomplished by arranging temporary guest accounts in Lucat in advance.

Additional Information

LDC has more information about the wireless networks at the page Many instructions are also available at LU Support.


Error Reporting

Operating status and any general problems with Eduroam are usually reported at LDC's operations page at the address

LDC has full responsibility for Eduroam. Therefore, please only turn to LDC's ServiceDesk on the telephone 29000 (telephone number +46462229000 outside of Lund University) if you have problems with Eduroam.

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