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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a browser that can be regarded as a more modern alternative to Internet Explorer and which in some ways resembles the browser Chrome. Edge is included by default in newer versions of Windows (starting with Windows 10) and is, in addition, set as the default browser if no other preference is given.

More information about Edge can be found at


How do I change so that Edge will be my default browser?

How do I import my list of Favorites into Edge?

How do I change the start page?

How do I switch search provider?

If you rather want Google to be the search provider in Microsoft Edge, please see under the section “Microsoft Edge” for instructions.

How do I change so that PDF documents are opened in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat instead of Edge?

Please see the instructions at Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, respectively.

Can I still use Internet Explorer?

For security reasons, we no longer recommend the use of Internet Explorer. Please see Internet Explorer for more information about this.

In the future, the use of Internet Explorer may at some point in time no longer be allowed.

I get the message that Edge does not support Java. How do I solve this?

Edge and Chrome and many other modern browsers do no longer support Java. The solution is to instead use Internet Explorer for those administrative systems which require Java. Please also see the page Java.


Please contact LTH Support.

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