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E-mail addresses


Frequently Asked Questions

What decides what my primary e-mail address will look like? And what does it look like?

The information stored in Lucat.

How do I know if there are other e-mail addresses bound to me?

  1. Open the global addressbook in Outlook and find yourself. You might have to filter by name.
  2. Doubleclick on your name.
  3. Select the tab called “E-mail addresses”. All addresses which are listed with the prefix “SMTP:” are valid and will accept e-mails which will be delivered to your inbox.

Would it be possible to get an extra address ending with

It is possible, if it can be motivated. Contact ServiceDesk according to the information at the bottom of the page (Support). Extra addresses creates extra administration and a basic rule is that there should only exist one e-mail address per employee. Dont forget the reason when you contact ServiceDesk.

Can I get an address with the ending

In most cases, no. The main reason for this is that there is a higher risk of conflicts when it comes to names. Another reason is that is handled by a separate system which leads to more adminitration and increased workload. If you feel that this is the ending you want for your address, contact Helpdesk and present a good motivation.


Starting march 2012, all e-mails for addresses ending with is handled by LDC. To recieve help regarding your e-mail you must turn to LDC:s ServiceDesk. This is done by sending an e-mail to

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