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What is the name of my computer?

Sooner or later you will find yourself in the situation where you are trying to find out what your computer is named. Examples of such situations are when you are trying to connect with Remote Desktop from home or when calling Helpdesk.

A computers name is made up by a number found on the security marker. The computer is always marked with a special security marker as shown in the picture to the right. The exact location might vary but the marker should be clearly visible.

The marker contains LU followed by a six digit number. These digits are used as the computername but instead of LU the characters are changed to klth.

In the lower picture to the right you can see a typical security marker with LU142263 which gives us a computername of klth142263.

When connecting to your computer using Remote Desktop you need to enter the full name of your computer which is more then just the computername. To build a full name you use the computername and add to the end. The full computername from the picture on the right should look like

The other digits (202100 3211) are Lunds universitets organisationalnumber. It is also a part of the security marker but is not used as the computers name.

If you are uncertain or if you have more questions, plesase contact Helpdesk. ASCII

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