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Box is a web based service for storing and sharing documents and files in the cloud. Please see

Most of the universities in Sweden have, through the cooperation body SUNET, signed an agreement and launched a service based on Box. See (in Swedish). This service is available through this cooperation and thus also, in turn, available at Lund University. Below, LU's Box service is simply referred to as “LU Box”.

The primary reason for this service procured via SUNET, was to get to a web service that complies with the legal requirements of a Swedish authority, in particular with regard to the personal data act (PUL). The contract has carefully ensured that the final services presented complies with legal requirements.

Box therefore fulfills the requirements of the data protection act regarding the storage of personal data. Box is thus an alternative to OneDrive which now also meets these requirements.

Note that the competing service Dropbox does not meet the legal requirements under the personal data act. You must therefore not use Dropbox to store or distribute documents or files containing personal data. The same applies to Google Drive, iCloud and other competing cloud services.

Further note that also this service, like many other similar online services (cloud services), is based on the service of an external provider, where the files are stored outside of the university and at the external provider. According to the university's guidelines for information security, information that has protective value to the university, employees or other parties, must not be stored outside of the university. This means that for documents that have protective value, even this service must not be used. Please see information worth protection.

When should I use this service?

  • You can use this service if your work involves the need of a web based online service for storing and distributing documents and files. Never use Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud or any other online service if there is a risk that the documents may contain personal data. For public matters, that is, all that could just as well have been published on the web, it does not matter, but for all cases that may contain personal data, only the services that meet the requirements in the Swedish personal data act are allowed to use.

When should I not use this service?

  • You should not use a service like this if you do not need the functionality provided by this kind of service. Is it, for example, public material which is intended for reading, it should instead be published on the web.
  • Do not use this kind of service for long-term storage of documents. Files and documents that you add to this service will be owned by you, both now and in the future, and is located on an external server of a third party. This can cause problems if a colleague in the future would have to take over your documents. Diariet / DFS or a local file server at your office or department are better options for long-term storage.
  • You must not use this service, or any other service where the documents are stored outside the university, if the documents have information worth protection according to the university guidelines for information security, InfoSäk A. In these cases, the documents should be stored only on servers owned by, and located at, the university. Information worth protecting can include both the subject matter of confidentiality or other information where any individual, the university or a third party might suffer harm if the information would be leaked.

How to Use

The first thing you need to do, if you have not used LU box before, is to create an account.

Create an Account

  1. Please visit
  2. Read any text on the page carefully. Then click “Continue”. box-1.jpg
  3. In the drop down menu, please select “Lund University”. Check “Remember my choice”. Click “Choose”. box-2.jpg

  - Log in with your Lucat identity and your Lucat password. Press “Login”.   - You have now created a LU Box account.

Further Guides

There are many guides about LU Box at LU Support. You will also find direct links to them under documentation below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the following page at LU Support:


First and foremost, please see documentation above. If you need more help with LU Box, please contact ServiceDesk.

If you need the software Box Sync on your computer, please contact LTH Support.

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