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 +<wrap round info>​[[:​biol|Denna sida på svenska]]</​wrap>​
 +====== Information for employees at the Department of Biology ======
 +Your IP number indicates that you are using a computer at the department of Biology.
 +<WRAP box>
 +[[DDG]] manages the [[Windows]] computers at the department of Biology. <wrap em> Primarily, however, you should contact the department staff for help.</​wrap>​
 +<WRAP tip center 50%>
 +**Contact Information**
 +  * <​>,​ extension 23809.
 + For more information,​ see the common information:​
 +  * [[common|Common information]]
 +These pages are under constant development. If you have suggestions for improvement,​ please contact [[LTH Support]].
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