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-<wrap round info>[[https://​​arcgis_desktop|Denna sida på Svenska]]</​wrap>​+<wrap round info>[[:ArcGIS|Denna sida på svenska]]</​wrap>​ 
 +====== ArcGIS ====== 
 +//ArcGIS Desktop// is a software suite for GIS (please see [[wp>​Geographic information system]]). 
 +More information about the software can be found at the software manufacturer'​s website: 
 +Please also see [[wp>​ArcGIS]].
-====== ArcGIS Desktop ====== 
-This is a software of the type [[https://​​wiki/​Geographic_information_system|Geographich Information System]]. 
-You can find more info about it here: http://​​ 
 ===== License ===== ===== License =====
-Lund University has got a Campus wide license. It is handled by GIS-Centrum:​ http://​​programvaror.htm 
-===== Installation av programmet ===== 
-If your computer is managed by [[DDG]] you can install ArcGIS via the **[[Software Center]]**. ​This software is installed on many of the student computer labs here at LTH.+==== License for employees and students ==== 
 +There is a campus license for ArcGIS at Lund university. This license is managed by the GIS Centre at LU: http://​​english/​software.htm 
 +===== Software installation ===== 
 +If the computer is managed by [[DDG]]you can install ArcGIS via **[[Software Center]]** ​on the computer 
 +The software is preinstalled in many student computer labs at LTH. 
 +==== Troubleshooting ====
 ===== Support ===== ===== Support =====
-Talk to your teacher or contact ​Gis_Centrum ​http://​​kontakt.htm+For help with using the software, please talk to your teacheror contact ​the GIS Centre at LU: http://​​english/​contact.htm
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