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AppsAnywhere at Lund University is a system that makes it possible for students and employees at Lund University to run certain applications on their own personal computers. It is also used to run certain applications on computers that are owned by the university.

AppsAnywhere works like a portal, where students and employees can choose between applications to install.

More information about the software is available on the manufacturer's website:

Please also see AppsAnywhere and (in Swedish).


Lund University (LU) is paying through some of its faculties1) for a site license that cover all students and employees at Lund University. This is the cost for the main license, that covers the technology behind AppsAnywhere and CloudPaging itself, for all students and employees at Lund University.

The applications that are in turn available through AppsAnywhere have their own licenses, and are covered by their own license terms.

The Portal

The portal for AppsAnywhere is available at the following web site:

Please log in with your student identity or your Lucat account.

AppsAnywhere at Lund University is only available for students and employees at Lund University.

The applications that are available through AppsAnywhere are unfortunately, at the moment, only available for computers which use Windows as operating system.

The first time you use AppsAnywhere on your computer, you will be asked to install a certain piece of software. You will be asked about this when you log into the portal. This piece of software is called Cloudpaging Player.

In Cloudpaging Player, you can start and stop applications. You can also uninstall them when you do no longer want to use them on your computer.

In most cases, you will need to be connected to a computer network when you use the applications that have been installed through AppsAnywhere. If you are going somewhere without access to a network and without connectivity, please search for the “Work offline” option in Cloudpaging Player.

Some applications may have licenses that only work when you are connected to a university computer network (through e.g. Eduroam), since they require access to the university license server for the application, or in other ways are restricted to be used from a university computer network.

By first connecting your computer through VPN, you can make such applications work also from other networks.


Which applications are available though AppsAnywhere?

Please log into the portal according to the above, and you will be presented with an overview of the applications that are available.

I want to know more about a certain application. Where can I find more information?

On our page about software, you can find links to more information about different applications, such as frequently asked questions and answers, or information about the license conditions that apply to that particular application.

Please note that all the applications on on our page about software are unfortunately not available through AppsAnywhere yet.


Please press the F1 key in Cloudpaging Player in order to show the help file for this piece of software. It contains a lot of information and hints.

If you need help with a certain application that you have installed through AppsAnywhere, please see the help section in the application, or or help page for the application at our page about software.

If you are a student and use an application that you have installed through AppsAnywhere in a course, you can ask your teacher about the application. There are also many hints for troubleshooting and frequently asked questions and answers at

In case of questions about AppsAnywhere itself, please contact LTH Support.

At the moment, it is the faculty of engineering (LTH) and LDC that pays for the university site license for AppsAnywhere.
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