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 +<wrap round info>​[[:​applocker|Denna sida på svenska]]</​wrap>​
 +====== AppLocker ======
 +If you are experiencing a problem where an application that you have compiled yourself is not allowed to run, it can be because of restrictions that the //​AppLocker//​ technology is enforcing.
 +AppLocker is a security technology from Microsoft aimed at restricting the effects of malicious software. It works as a policy and requires application binaries to either be signed, or by restricting the amount of locations from where unsigned applications can be run to a set of narrowly defined explicitly allowed locations. You can read more about AppLocker here: https://​​en-us/​windows/​security/​threat-protection/​windows-defender-application-control/​applocker/​applocker-overview
 +In short, if you place an unsigned application binary in a location which is not explicitly allowed and therefore not trusted, you cannot expect it to be allowed to run.
 +However, there are some exceptions and folders that are in certain places and that follow a particular naming convention are allowed and can be used for executable files that you have compiled yourself. Please contact [[LTH Support]] if you need help with this.
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