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Affinity Publisher

affinity_publisher.jpg Affinity Publisher is an advanced but relatively simply to use application for desktop publishing. The software can be seen as an excellent alternative to Adobe InDesign.

More information about the software is available on the manufacturer's website:

Please also see Affinity Publisher.


Lund University has a contract with a site license for the software. The software can be used without cost on all computers owned by the University.

Employees and students can also, without cost, install the software on private computers. In such installations, a license is registered and activated which is valid for one year (365 days) before the license has to be renewed again.

Installing the Software

On managed Windows computers you can find Publisher in Software center. The software can be run through the application portal AppsAnywhere.

On unmanaged and private Windows computers the software can be installed via the application portal AppsAnywhere, and the software can then be run locally without a network connection for up to 90 days.

If you have a Macintosh or just prefer to install the software manually, you can download the installation files from the LDC software distribution unit (Programförmedlingen):

If you do not have access to Programförmedlingen, please contact the software responsible at your department (for employees), or Servicedesk.




After installation, you will find a lot of excellent tutorials in the Help menu under Tutorials.

Please also see:

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For questions about the software itself, please contact your teacher or Affinity's support at

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