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Adobe Creative Cloud

In November 2019, all the old Adobe licenses expire. This applies to, for example, licenses for Adobe Creative Cloud Complete and Adobe Acrobat CC.

If you have an older license that expires in November 2019, you will need to obtain a new license if you want to continue using the Adobe software. Below you will find instructions for this. Please note that you may do well with the alternative software for which we are already licensed, please see the tip at the bottom of this page.


If you need access to Adobe software, please follow these steps:

  1. Talk to the person who will pay the software (Adobe CCE Complete costs, for example, SEK 1500 for renting during the period 2018-11-01 to 2021-11-01. Acrobat CC costs SEK 300 for the same period).
  2. When you have received the OK, ask the Program Manager at your division or department to register the license in Programförmedlingen. In connection with this, the Program Manager at your division or department will then have to specify the following three tasks in addition to cost center:
  3. Install “Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop” on your computer via Software Center. See also this guide!
  4. Launch “Adobe Creative Cloud”.
  5. When you are asked for a login, use (i.e. your own Lucat ID directly followed by as username and you will be sent to LU's login page.
  6. You should now be able to install the software you are entitled to with the help of “Adobe Creative Cloud”. Once the programs are installed, “Adobe Creative Cloud” will keep them up to date.


  • Question: I have already registerad the license but when I start “Adobe Creative Cloud” I can only access trial versions. Why? What to do?
  • Answer: Check if you are logged in with the correct account. In “Adobe Creative Cloud”, click on the “circle diagram” on the top right. The account should be (example If it is the wrong account, log out and then in with the correct account.

If you have access to all the software, be a little careful about how many you choose to install. Together, the software takes up a lot of space (130 GB or more) on your computer!

Please note that we have access to a number of software that are good substitutes for some of Adobe's software. We already have licenses for this software for all students and employees, and they therefore cost nothing extra. They are either already installed on your computer, or are available for installation through Software Center or AppsAnywhere.

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